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Welcome to the home of award-winning marketing agency Revolution Four.

We are an eclectic mix of creative designers, clever techies, imaginative photographers, some mentally energetic bosses…and a couple of very cute dogs.

This diverse blend makes us one of the most useful, disruptive and enthusiastic marketing teams on the Wirral and beyond.

Our clients love being able to access and utilise the Revolution Four team as if they are an extension of their own firm. All the advantages of a comprehensive, professional marketing team without the expense or hassle of hiring.

Whether it’s a big campaign that needs a ton of marketing energy ploughing into it, a website build, a one-off event to organise and manage or a complete company rebrand – the Revolution Four team are ready to jump in. We will stabilise the peaks and troughs that occur throughout marketing, tech and design.

We don’t just supply companies – we partner with them. Being in the digital arena, we operate internationally whilst still giving each and every client the same care and attention.

Revolution Four is never 9-5 so time zones and distances won’t be an issue!

Our business team recognise the cost-effective, sometimes unorthodox way of appending, supporting and boosting start ups. We have a magical way of making marketing enjoyable while being an incredibly effective business support team.


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Website Design Wirral

We employ a unique & diverse team so that we can be proud of the websites that we create.

Web developers create technically brilliant websites, with excellent functionality, navigation & speed.  We build our websites on cutting edge & contemporaneous technology platforms.

Graphic Designers blend beautiful visuals, your businesses’ branding and a clean user experience to create that wow factor when clients visit your site.

Marketers work often behind the scenes to create clear visibility and search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure your website reaches a wide and appropriate audience.

This blend has created some of the most impressive websites on the net.

Graphic Design Merseyside

We love collaborating with our clients to portray their company brand in the most effective, creative & beautiful way possible. We work with businesses to create an inspiring brand or rebrand for starting a new chapter.

We create beautiful adverts, stunning marketing materials, brochures, leaflets, signage, mock-ups, logos, stationery, clothing – anything that needs your brand on it.

We create digital design for bespoke social media channels, custom sizes, websites, apps, software. If it’s part of your company, brand it.

Social Media

Beautifully designed and managed social media is cost effective, increases brand awareness, drives traffic to you, engages customers, improves brand loyalty and gives healthier customer satisfaction.

We provide a full service to create posts, manage reactions, analyse traffic & optimise campaigns.

Marketing Strategies

The purpose of marketing is to provide more sales than would otherwise occur without it. Strong strategies for attracting, keeping and satisfying customers through a range of campaigns and media, digital and traditional.

We provide clear management information, constant tweaking & optimisation and ultimately a good return on investment.


When we talk about copywriting in marketing, we simply mean the words you want your audience to read. Copy is a technical term for text, all text!

To put it simply, copywriting is content created by writers who want to provoke a specific reaction from a target audience. It is often used to persuade people to think a certain way about a brand and to further cement brand identity.


We provide a full, holistic service to assist a new start-up company build from an idea to a complete operational business.

Support and practical help on strategy, ideas, marketing, plans, funding, legalities, premises, structure, staff, accountancy, selling and exiting a business. Pick & choose what you need help with.