Ideas for generating extra income

These are tough times right now so as part of our helping series of blogs we thought we’d share our thoughts on how we can help you generate a little bit of extra income.

Most of our customers come from either word of mouth or through our social media channels.  We often see friends & contacts asking for recommendations on Facebook or Instagram; people ask their connections on Linkedin for help.  Sometimes people just need some help on a subject, others they are looking for someone to assist them with a project.

Revolution 4.0 referral schemeIf you tag us in @revolu4ion, we’ll jump into the conversation to see if we can help.  We’re happy to simply assist; we’re not pushy sales people.

We really transparent about how we work & very agile to enable us to offer bespoke solutions.  We only really want to collaborate & work with people who are happy to work with us, so we won’t pester with sales type calls.

For every tag, mention or referral that leads to a sale, we’ll give you 10% of the invoice (or 20% vouchers for Revolution 4.0).  We can even offer you training in what we do & by all means come visit our studios (post Coronavirus!)

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