Netflix Shows / Movies that you Can Try to Pass Off as ‘Research and Development’ While Working from Home

So, you’re working from home and maybe finding it a little difficult to stay motivated? (I like to think of this time period as the 2-3-week slump!)

I mean, come on, if my dog even moves an inch; I’m straight there surrounding her with treats, cuddles, and the occasional ball throw. It’s hard right? Trying to not blur personal and work life?

Well, don’t worry, we are here to save the day!

We have spent a large proportion of the day scrolling through Netflix to help pick out some tv shows that you could pass off as ‘research and development.’ So, put on some clean pyjamas, maybe a spray of deodorant and work ‘remotely.’ (Yup, we mean grab the remote!)

Scroll down to find the industry you work in and see what movies / tv shows we’ve chose for you.

Business, Accountancy / Banking and Management

Horrible Bosses

*Do not try this at home / work* A movie about 3 people with grudges against their bosses, they’re also wearing business wear so its officially a business kind of movie.

Money Heist

A criminal master mind, robs a bank. Gripping! It is an English dub from Spain, but you hardly see the difference in the lips and the show is that good, it can be overlooked! Bank = Accountancy, right?

Shark Tank

A cracking show where entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to some wealthy people. But will they invest…? All about business, check!

Undercover Billionaire

A really inspiring show where a Billionaire is left with a limited budget in a new location and has to create a million pound business with the little money he has and no connections! A great watch for aspiring business people, this is also a series so will cover a fair few hours of ‘Research and development time’.

The Big Short

Demonstrates that profits are always available if you know where to look. This film focuses on the characters in this film booming during the economic recession while the world was loosing billions. Great film to get you thinking in preparation for some businesses to come back after the crazy times we are seeing now.

TED TALKS ‘Life Hacks’

Some of you know this is a favourite of us at Rev Four, is it on Netflix you ask? Yes, you are in luck! Netflix has hand-picked some of the best content from TED TALKs and compiled them into a 10 part ‘Life Hack’ series. If you are looking for a crash course in business education, this is the pick for you!

Creative Arts


Pure 2003 nostalgia. The beautiful Jessica Alba dances her way to a life changing and unexpected things. People within the creative arts dance, right?

Dirty Dancing

Oohh, nobody puts baby in the corner. What a classic! 100% great for people in the creative arts industry, I can’t see your boss having a problem with you watching this.


SCREAMS CREATIVE ARTS! It’s got music, glitter outfits, and choreographed dance routines. What more would you want?

La La Land

drawn together by their common desire to do what they love. But as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart. A great watch for those into performance and musical theatre.

House of Z

Sandy Chronopoulos’s documentary about Zac Posen, the fashion world wunderkind who got in over his head fronting one of the world’s biggest brands. Diddy and Naomi Campbell, among others, contribute to the conversation alongside plenty of shots of absolutely insane dresses.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

This film is based around an eccentric French shopkeeper Thierry Guetta who attempts to befriend and meet the one and only Banksy who still to this day maintains complete anonymity. The film takes a turn when the artist turns the camera on Guetta himself. This film has led to speculation as to whether this actually was a film or if Banksy made the whole thing up! Nobody knows! A fascinating look into the world of Graffiti while exploring what constitutes art today.

Hospitality & Events

Four Weddings and a Funeral

this is just an event planners dream! Think of all those events that need planning!!

Hotel for Dogs

Ah! The industry is right there in the name AND it’s about dogs. What’s not to love… I mean what better way to learn about the goings on in a hotel than from man’s best friend!

Fyre Festival

The greatest party than never happened!! What a show! Anyone in the hospitality industry really needs to see this movie. They had staff that would go to great lengths for this festival to be a hit!

For Grace

This film documents Michelin star-awarded chef Curtis Duffy’s process of opening his dream restaurant, Grace, in Chicago, as well as the personal hardships the chef has had to overcome, including his difficult childhood and a family tragedy. Great documentary to watch to inspire you to get through the difficult and tough times

Instant Hotel

This is an Australian series which sees homeowners compete for the title of best hotel by staying over in one another’s rentals and rating their experiences, good to see what people actually complain about and the small things that really make a difference

Salt Fat Acid, Heat

Great documentary for those chefs trying to perfect their skill, it follows chef and food writer Samin Nosrat as she travels the world and finds out the four elements that make food delicious: salt, fat, acid, and heat. (Duh.)

Information & Technology

The IT Crowd

Have you tried switching it off and back on again? Anyone who works in IT or with technology would love this show! Very educational, I guarantee it 😉


Who wouldn’t love this? Adam Sandler and a magic remote! Anyone in the IT industry would definitely find this relatable.


Not sure what this one is about, looks like it’s about scary IT equipment. Who knows but it’s got the initials in the title so has to be? Right?

Terms and Conditions May Apply

One of the disturbing documentaries to watch basically about how our personal data is all over the place and that things like Google, Facebook and your ISP know everything about you

Lo and Behold

Absolute much watch, this is basically a TV tour of the internet, where it started to where it’s up to now and what potentials are for the future

We are Legion: The Story of Hactivists

This is a documentary about one of the largest hacking groups in the world, Anonymous, where the first hackers came from, what they did and what they do. How the group formed and even delves in to some of the people and companies they targeted! Great watch for the techies amongst us.


Legally Blonde

Blonde girl takes Harvard by storm whilst wearing pink sparkly heels. Typical court room vibes.


How is this not relevant to the Law? They are fighting crime.

Orange is the New Black

A documentary about the on going’s inside a prison. Very educational. Very real.

How to Get Away with Murder

5 series so will keep you busy for a while, brilliant and captivating series that follows the journey of a group of students in a class who work on real-life cases but things get too close to home for comfort! Highly recommended Binge.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This was a book I studied in school so actually highly recommended read but it is on Netflix! A great film following the journey of Atticus Finch a lawyer representing a black man wrongfully accused of rape.

A Flash of Genius

I actually watched this at the cinema, with one other woman who ‘claimed’ she was the inventor of the paper clip – true story. Anyway, this is the story of the guy who created the intermittent windscreen wiper and accuses automakers stole his idea. Actually a really interesting watch for those launching and inventing products.

Leisure, Sports & Tourism

The Longest Yard

All about sports and can teach you the workings of American Football (not rugby.)

The Terminal

A Tom Hanks Classic! He is confided to the airport as war rages in his own country. Airports = tourism and you can see planes and duty free, so it’s definitely fitting.

Green Street

Want to learn more about football and its community of supporters? This is the perfect film for that.


The Manassas Tigers High School Football Team had spent years turning in losing seasons. Then, coach Bill Courtney came along. This Oscar-winning documentary follows the Tigers, from an economically disadvantaged area of Memphis, as they strive for glory both on and off the gridiron.

The Dawn Wall

They’d spent their lives overcoming obstacles. So when rock climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson set out to scale Yosemite’s Dawn Wall in 2015, it was just one more challenge – albeit a steep one, a 3,000-foot rock face they lived on for weeks.

Space Jam

Why not – it’s sport related and has a bangin’ soundtrack If anything, it’s still the only logical explanation for Jordan deciding to play baseball for a few years.

Marketing, Advertising, Media & PR

The Social Network

I mean, come on guys, it’s in the name! Need a little history lesson as it portrays how Facebook was founded.

Black Mirror

Aside from it being a brilliant series, there’s an episode about social media that all marketing gurus has to watch! But don’t just skip straight to Season 3, Episode 1… watch the whole.

How to Sell Drugs Online

Sounds like this guy needs some marketing advice, maybe a website built for him? Give us a call mate. Marketing and sales go hand in hand in this one.

The Creative Brain

Marketing is all about creativity and thinking outside the box. We would all like to be more creative and productive in our work but often struggle to do so in practice. The Creative Brain is an insightful 52 minute documentary about just that with a starting point with the idea that, ‘ Creativity doesn’t mean creating something out of nothing. It means refashioning something that already exists.’ Great one to get the brain going!

The Circle

A really interesting concept; a world where one single search engine and social company has taken over, eaten up the market share and standing alone. The world is tightly controlled and sharing your life is all but mandatory.

Something Ventured

A documentary about some of the most successful and prolific venture capitalists for the 60s, 70s and 80’s who risked money and status to invest in companies nobody else saw potential in. Great one for anyone into business and marketing.


Breaking Bad

A movie about a science teacher who takes a pupil under his wing and teaches him all about science. They do some pretty bad ass science experiments too. *NOT FOR CHILDREN*

The Big Bang Theory

They use so many big words and it all sounds very scientific. Very educational!


This guy, Brian works with the FBI because he has a crazy awesome brain but that’s just because he’s on NZT. You’ll have to watch it to understand it but it’s very pharmaceutical. Oh, and they study his brain because he doesn’t get side effects to this drug like everybody else. Very scientific.

Particle Fever

Six scientists prepare for one of the most expensive experiments in history. Recreating the big bang.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Investigating DMT a psychoactive compound that is found in humans.

Russell Brand: End the Drug War

Russell Brand talks to both users and police about drug addiction before bringing his case for drug decriminalisation to the UN. As a former heroin user this documentary is not just inspiring but it’s emotional and gripping.


If we haven’t analysed your industry with our expert algorithm, then don’t worry because you know what to do. As long as you can justify it someway or another then we are giving you permission to work ‘remotely.’

You’re welcome!