Copywriting Merseyside

Take the pressure off creating content for your brand with Revolution Four copywriting services.

When we talk about copywriting in marketing, we simply mean the words you want your audience to read. Copy is a technical term for text, all text, including what you’re reading right now.

If you look around, copy is absolutely everywhere from shopping catalogues to the label on a tin of beans.

To put it simply, copywriting is content created by writers who want to provoke a specific reaction from a target audience. It is often used to persuade people to think a certain way about a brand and to further cement brand identity.

Unlike news or feature writing, copywriting is all about getting the reader to take action immediately – whether that be to subscribe to a mailing list or follow a link to your website.

Successful copywriting can propel your brand into instant recognition, especially through the use of slogans and taglines. Combine these with eye-catching graphics and you have an unstoppable force of professional branding.

Great copy builds brand familiarity, evokes specific emotions in your audience and conveys a key message to make your business memorable.

We won’t just spam your accounts with meaningless copy, our copywriting team will take the time to meet with you and understand every aspect of your business before creating content.

At Revolution Four we work with clients to develop a brand identity which is guaranteed to build up customer trust and increase sales.